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Describe What Disney, Universal, Cruise Line, or All-Inclusive Vacations You Have Been To. Please Be Sure to Include at Least Four Different Destinations Within the Last Five Years (Staying at Different Resorts at Walt Disney World Does Count as "Different Destinations").
Please Describe Any Travel Agent and/or Sales Experience You Have.
Please Describe Why You Want to Work With Fantastical Vacations and Why You Want to Be a Travel Agent Specializing in These Destinations.
Do you consent to Fantastical Vacations conducting a financial and criminal background check prior to an offer of contract?
Social Media Plays an Important Part in Launching and Growing a Business as a Travel Agent in This Industry. Please Share Any Active Social Media Profiles That You Have So That We Can Get to Know You Better (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Frequently Asked

Do I Need to Be an Experienced Travel Agent?

Absolutely not!  We want to work with fans of the destinations Fantastical Vacations represents.  In order to be an effective travel agent, you first need to love what you do and then you need to love the product.  Both are equally important and both are vital to taking care of your future clients.  That is how you become successful.

What Travel Experience Should I Have?

Fantastical Vacations prides itself on partnering with experienced travel planners to represent the brand.  As such, we expect them to travel routinely to the destinations that they represent.

We request that you have traveled to at least four different destinations that Fantastical Vacations represents within the last five years (different resorts would count as long as they were not part of a split stay).  As an example, if you went to Disney World twice and different times of the year and stayed at two different resorts, that would be considered two different destinations.

What is It Like Being a Travel Agent Specializing in Disney & Universal?

Only the best job in the world!  As a travel agent working with Fantastical Vacations, you are an independent contractor.  You set your own hours, work from your own house, and run your own business. 

The best part, though?  You get to make magic.  You get to work with your clients to plan the same vacations that you love to take with your family. 

How Can I Work with Fantastical Vacations?

Simply fill out the form to the left and we will be in touch with you.  We look forward to speaking with you.

I Have a Particular Question About the Process

No problem.  If you think this is something you might be interested in, go ahead and fill out the form to the left.  We will be in touch and answer your questions as soon as we can. 

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