Let's Get to Know Each Other

Hi, we are Fantastical Vacations.  More than anything, we love making memories with our families and helping others do the same.

Our Story

We are Dan & Leslie, we have two boys (Aidan & Jennings) and we started Fantastical Vacations for several reasons. 

First, we wanted to work together.  I know…crazy, right?  But, we love working and supporting each other through everything. 

Second, Leslie already was an experienced travel agent specializing in Disney and Universal vacations for over five years and wanted to continue to grow the relationships she had developed with her clients into something more. 

Finally, we absolutely love helping our clients through the planning process of these very logistically-intensive vacations and hearing about how amazing they were when our clients return.  It is a truly fun job and one that we look forward to working on everyday when we wake up. 

We are thankful to be able to operate Fantastical Vacations and thank you for considering us!

Our Values & Beliefs

We Make Magic, What's Your Superpower?

Taking our kids to Disney World the first time, we saw that joy and sparkle in their eyes whenever we first saw Cinderella Castle down Main Street and we were hooked.  To be able to create that magical moment is something we will never forget and something we want to help our clients do for their families throughout their vacations.

Be a Kid Again, It's Fun!

Who said Disney is for just for kids?  We LOVE these vacations probably more than our kids and we take couples trips to prove it (we only feel slightly guilty leaving the boys behind)!  Seriously, whether it’s an adults-only trip or you’re bringing everyone, we will customize it to you. 

Your Family Memories Are Most Important

We don’t remember what we were wearing when our kids saw the castle for the first time.  And I couldn’t tell you what we had for breakfast that day.  But, we will never forget how it felt looking at their faces and seeing that excitement.  Those memories mean more to us than anything and anytime we can make more, we do. 

Our Approach

We want to get to know you and what your family likes, loves, hates, and is scared of.  When you request a quote, we will reach out to you so that we can learn a little more and customize our quote to your preferences.  Along the way, we will talk through all of your options from dining to parks to special events and creating those magical moments for all of your family members. 

Addicted to the Mouse Podcast

A great way to get to know us, what we value, and how we will take care of your family is to listen to our podcast.  Posted twice weekly on Sundays and Wednesdays, listen to the owners of Fantastical Vacations talk about all things Disney and Universal.  From trip reports to news, Dan and Leslie don't hold back in this fun and informative podcast.  Thanks in advance for subscribing!

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